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Travis St. Marthe


Hillery Baker


Zana Markelson


Director: Andrew Jackson

Assistant Director: Patrick McNally

Executive Producer: Quentin Jackson

Executive Producer: Danny Sanchez

Executive Producer: Melissa Jackson

Executive Assistant: Destynee McMicheal

DOP: Ethan Manning
Costume Designer: Flavia Dibartolo
Gaffer: Julian Mazzola
Sound: Tony Peer


We are honored to present to you the opportunity to support and contribute to this
thought-provoking, timely, edgy, off beat comedy series that will resonate and move
audiences from all backgrounds.

This is “Canceling Jesus”, a dramedy (Drama/Comedy) about the story of an unlikely friendship between a black Jesus and his white, happy go-lucky, sometimes uptight friend Karen. Together, they navigate the complexities of race, politics, and society while learning more about each other’s perspectives in the process.

This story is about growing together no matter where you’re from, and being good to each other while you do it.



Canceling Jesus Pilot

Jesus and Karen walk together to her friend’s cooking club. Jesus is a sarcastic and quippy
black man, and Karen is an insecure, happy go-lucky, some times uptight white woman. At
the house, Karen’s friends are a bit stuck-up and are clearly uncomfortable being around
black people.

The women at the cooking club do a poor job hiding their prejudice undertones; they ask
Jesus how to make fried chicken and treat him like an outsider even though he’s
accompanied by their friend Karen.

Jesus lectures them on their apparent prejudice toward black people, and stereotypical
assumptions they’re making. He goes into some detail on the teachings of Jesus –
“togetherness”. Extreme viewpoints divide people. The woman imply black people can be
violent, but he’s “one of the good ones.” Jesus gets offended and leaves.

Jesus goes to the supermarket, after not actually eating during the cooking club. He decides
to buy ingredients to cook his favorite dish. Jesus turns water into wine while a suspicious
security guard watches him closely. Karen arrives just as the security guard approaches Jesus
and accuses him of stealing. Karen immediately defends Jesus, but ends up getting into a
scuffle with the security guard causing a scene. An older lady calls the police, who sends a
SWAT team upon learning there’s a black man involved. The manager fires the security
guard for wrongly accusing Jesus.

Outside the supermarket, the SWAT team, led by the Sheriff, hold guns at Jesus and Karen.
They arrest Jesus, even though the manager and Karen insist he didn’t do anything wrong.
Jesus is brought to the precinct. Karen asks a kid filming the incident with his cell phone for

At the precinct, Jesus is locked up and meets kind hearted Officer Abrams seemingly the
only good cop on the force. On the news, it is reported an “innocent black man is arrested
while shopping”, as the news shows civilian cellphone footage of Jesus being arrested.
Outside the police precinct a protests grows, the large group of people also includes Karen
and her cooking club friends. The Mayor arrives and confronts the Sheriff, and initiates the
release of Jesus. The Mayor fires the Sheriff and promotes Officer Abrams as the new Sheriff.
Jesus is freed and meets up again with Karen, who surprises him with his favorite bottle of
wine and all the ingredients to make his favorite dish. They walk off together sipping wine.


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We at TwoOhNation believe the story of “Canceling Jesus” is important.

It is the story of two friends from different backgrounds with prejudges already set against them both, still finding a way to move forward together through adversity.

Karen and Jesus become examples of what we all are: “HUMAN”.   Love and Let Live.


TwoOhNation is a small home grown company, we put everything we have into everything we do.

The film and television business is both highly financed and highly competitive. In order to compete on a professional level we will need all the help we can get, to feed the crew, pay for locations, access professional equipment giving us a fighting chance.

Over the last few years, TwoOhNation has put out two award winning short films Red Night Special (Chapter 1) & Affliction please help us tell our next story.

Support Canceling Jesus
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